Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!

Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!

Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!

Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!

Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!

Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!Welcome spiritual seekers and finders!




My Ministry’s Core Beliefs


1. All paths to the One God are but different vessels holding the Divine Light of the All and the One.

2. God is Love and the Source of all love and as we are created in the image of the Creator, we are also love. 

3. Our inner divinity, the eternal flame of love at the very center of our being,  is our true identity. We are each unique emanations of God and we all share a oneness in the Divine.

My services

Individual Prayer

Individual Spiritual Direction

Inspirational Talks

Guided Meditations

Shamanic Journeying

Reiki Attunements and Sessions

Baby Naming/Blessings

Memorial Services

Wedding/Commitment Ceremonies

Space Clearing and Blessings

Workshops on Spiritual Growth

Through my ministry I want to share my understanding of the following five areas of spiritual growth:

1. Healing from abuse and learning to trust ourselves and the Divine and to feel safe and worthy.

2. Learning how to love ourselves and then to balance our feminine and masculine energies. I feel this work is foundational for joining in our Creator in what I call  Sacred Union of the Beloved. 

3. Exploring the beauty and truth in all faiths and how to integrate several paths in a rewarding spiritual practice.

4. Honoring and appreciating all of nature: Mother Earth, plants, animals, birds, all living creatures, the waters and the air are all essential practices in a sincere spiritual path.  Walking the earth in peace and gratitude can be transformative. 

5. Through spiritual practice we may heal our blocks to the Awareness of Love's Presence and remember our oneness with that Presence. Our hearts are awakened and spirits transformed. The spiritual practices that I particularly enjoy sharing are affirmative prayer, meditation, visualization, denials and affirmations, journaling for healing, energy work (Reiki and others), mantras, spiritual study, and  cultivating the qualities of love, forgiveness and gratitude.

About Me


My Background

I am originally from Roswell, Georgia and live here now.  A 2019  graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, NY, NY, I am an ordained Interspiritual Interfaith Minister and have studied many different faiths and spiritual paths.  I love how they all lead to the One God. A sampling of my background includes A Course in Miracles,  Reiki and other energy work, Shamanic journeying and drumming, working with angels, extensive study with Unity School of Christianity, being a prayer chaplain with Unity, and a sound practitioner.


My Hobbies

I love to create altars.  This one was for Spring Equinox.  When I have time I enjoy making jewelry out of semi-precious stones and sterling silver.  I also play piano, cello, and a little flute, along with listening to music and singing.


My Favorite Things

First on my list of favorite things would have to be my middle age puppies.  Next would be spiritual studies and practices.  Third would be nature.  I talk to plants and trees.  I love "tree gazing" when I am out walking my dogs.  Trees feel like the bridge between earth and heaven.  I like to think that  part of my mission is to be that bridge for my clients.

About Me

I have been a Spiritual Seeker/Finder on different paths of faith, healing and spiritual practice for more than 20 years.  

As an Interspiritual/Interfaith Minister, I can help those who no longer get fulfillment from the religion of their origin, need healing around spiritual wounding,  or feel spiritual but not religious,  

If you are in need of support through  life’s challenges and changes:

If you are wanting to explore how to love yourself more:

If you are  seeking an authentic practice to the remembrance of your own Divine Source:

If you feel stuck and need healing to move along your path:

Or if you are want a meaningful life ceremony: baby blessings, weddings or memorials, house clearings and blessings, 

I am here to be of service to you. 

Please call for a free consultation.